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Since October 2013 when my father decided to leave, it had been a very difficult time for me to enjoy the moments. Although I knew that my father wanted me to have pleasure in life, the emotion of anger, frustration, and hate fulfilled me. I was filled with feeling of revenge to people who disrespect the life of my mother, my father, and myself.

…. until I joined the Guidelines Program in the Monroe Institute, March 2014.


I still do not understand how people could be so egoistic and never care about the feeling of others (actually family in this case). However, I do not care that anymore. I am angry to them, but I can enjoy the moment now. This is the message I receive from my father.


I joined the first program by TMI, “The Gateway Voyage” program, in 2011. Both of my physical body and emotions were unbalanced after the experience of the earthquake in East coast of Japan. Regardless of my expectation, I didn’t have the “Ah-Ha” moment which I can receive the enlightenment. The lack of enlightenment didn’t bring me back to TMI for almost 3 years. Well, I had been busy with my work, anyway.


Although the experience in the Gateway wasn’t powerful as I imagined, I had a wonderful time with so wonderful people. My body and emotion got energized for sure. I loved the time I was there. This is another reason I could come back to TMI after experiencing my father’s death.


Now, I sincerely appreciate the effort TMI have done to this world. Hemi-Sync and it technology expands the possibility of Human Nature. When I had a purpose for the life, to protect my family and business with father, I didn’t realize I was so interested in this journey. After I lost the purpose, this is the journey I would like to take.

Listening to Hemi-Sync CD, and searching the new purpose had become the new stage of my life.


To be honest here, I am not a big fan of “Self-Development” stuff, such as 『10 things to change your life positively』or 『how to ____』, and similar kinds of books, programs, and people. I guess I only believe what I experience. So list of things to make my life better seems to be just a list of things they try to make money out of.

My intention with Hemi Sync is simply to pursuit the world of “THERE.” in which I could visit by taking this journey.


Some of the readers of this blog might not like this kind of story, “Spiritual things.”  So I won’t write anything outside of this blog although I have other SNS medias. If you like this kind of topic, come and join us. The company to this journey is always welcomed.

I sometime receive worries like above. I understand that it is beyond the regular understanding of this world. Well, I should be fine. Thank you for your concern. I expect some of the risks which could change my life, and I realize that this journey is one of the goals for my life.

Here is the absolute reason I can say that I will be fine, the existence of my wonderful wife.


I love who she is, and greatly appreciate that she is with me regardless of her belief such as…

『She has no interests in Spiritual Discussion』『She doesn’t believe in the life after death. The people become the material after they die』『She is the atheist after studying many religious courses』plus, Ph.D in Psychology.


It is perfectly fine that every individuals have different belief. The fact I am so grateful about my relationship is that she will always try to tell me what she thinks in her standpoint. I will be fine because I have her, who don’t believe in the spiritual life yet who believe in what I am doing.


It is such a weird couple.

Well, I am a Japanese and she is an Israeli. It might explain a lot.


I will keep updating how I enjoy my life with Hemi Sync here. Come and stop by from time to time, and share your thoughts and experiences.


*It has been a loooooong time since I wrote the essay in English. Any recommendation to grammatical / structural mistake of my English writing. Thank you and love you all !!

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  1. Kristel より:

    Well, Azu, How many times did we hear “You may not get what you want, but you get what you need out of Guidelines”. And I think you are perfect example. So am I actually. You got back the peace of mind that you needed.
    I myself have tried to make peace with quite a few ppl I used to hold a grudge for. Maybe not in person but at least in my heart anyway. Everyone lives their life as best they can. We may not approve their choices/actions, they may not approve ours, but at the end of the day, no matter where or how we end up, nobody sets up a mission to f#$% up their life. Even if you kill someone and go to jail (please don’t Azu :-P) , at the moment you did all those steps they seemed like the best possible option. And thats why I have tried in my heart to forgive. ANd let go.
    Looking at the world it’s sometimes easier to say then do, but still, I think I have a worthy goal. And someone also told me that “you can hate the action, but don’t hate the person, becase at the end we are all this spark of Love/Light”

    And your wife seems to be awesome btw. Its wonderful if two different ppl with different beliefs can give each other breathing room and don’t force their views.

    • より:

      Yes, my wife is an awesome person. As much as I make a joke about her to make a laugh, she play the key role in my life. I don’t have words to explain that, but I am so lucky to have her.

      Regarding your beautiful comment, I guess I cannot reach to there yet. I logically understand what you wrote, and wish I could think as you do, but I still need time to feel it truly.

      >> “you can hate the action, but don’t hate the person, because at the end we are all this spark of Love/Light”

      Yes. It would be great if I can feel like it from my heart.

      As of now, I can sense that I will reach to the point soon or later. However, I cannot forgive the ones who disrespect and hurt my loving people. It might last long, or end up with forgiving them soon, I don’t know.

      I couldn’t lie myself, so I here explain how I feel. I appreciate your comment !!


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